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Sr. GCP DevOps Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023

Why is working in this department AMAZING!

Access to the latest tools and technologies. Ability to create new solutions for the existing processes and push them to the business. Collaboration with different teams offers a good view into the business and product as a whole rather than being focused on one area.

What does the future of this department look like? Where is this going and why do I want to come along for the ride?

We work quickly. We work on new technology and learn about new tools all the time. With a focus on security, speed and accuracy there is always something to work on. The team is growing, and we are looking to strengthen each area we focus on: cicd, monitoring, security, infrastructure.

In a nutshell, what will I do every day in this role?

Working and collaborating with different development teams in order to get the product built, tested and deployed in a smooth manner. Monitoring, adjusting and designing the CICD process while prioritizing speed and security.

Why will I love this job within the context of our pillars?


We are always working on improving the tools we work with and the challenges coming out way by investigating new options, new features and new solutions.


The challenges we face are always changing so we must react quickly. Working together or independently we tackle the issues and update our documents, so we don’t encounter those issues next time.

Own with Accountability:

Everyone owns what they work on. By having more ownership and accountability in the work that is being done you can have more of a say in what goes into the product.

Go Fast and Win:

We are a startup and we move fast! We have an awesome product, and we must keep going fast to get it to be the best it can be.

Just Say It:

One of the values of Briq is Just Say It which we hope lets folks reach out anytime and speak their mind freely. Given how fast technology is changing, speaking one’s mind is an important step in getting the best solutions in place.

Responsibilities for this role:

• Managing the infrastructure and CICD components of the company

• Working on identifying and improving the build and deployment pipelines in GitLab and Jenkins

• Quickly responding to communication channels questions and troubleshooting production related issues

• Testing new solutions and tools for reliability of our GCP environment

• Updating deployment scripts using Helm, Terraform and Kubernetes

• Securing the Google Cloud infrastructure through Security Command Center, Firewalls and internal tools to ensure a safe environment as well as working on obtaining various compliance checkmarks

• Documenting all the areas of work to ensure proper understanding and recreation of activities using JIRA and Confluence

• Creating dashboard and monitoring resources, tasks and infrastructure with SonarCloud, GCP Monitoring, Prometheus, Grafana and ELK stack

• Navigating the VM and container environments to ensure complete connectivity between all machines, containers, services and resources

• Managing database instances on PostgreSQL, MongoDB, other platforms

• Research and development of new solutions to the existing infrastructure

Qualifications for this role:

• Working experience in a DevOps role - 3+ years

• Working experience in Cloud Infrastructure - 2+ years (GCP/GKE preferred)

• Deep understanding of Git, GitLab, CICD process and Release Management

• Strong knowledge of containerization and microservice architecture

• Strong knowledge in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, BQ, Firebase, Firestore platforms

• Strong Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, CLI skills are required

• Strong knowledge of monitoring solutions: Elastic, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, etc.

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills - including work estimation, facilitation, and consensus building skills

• Willingness to learn new technologies

• Proven ability to project and meet estimated deadlines

• Self-motivated, fast learner with attention to detail and quality

• Excellent diagnostic, troubleshooting, and communication skills