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Technical Consultant, Tier 1



Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024

Why is working in this department AMAZING!

As a Technical Consultant in the Customer Success department, you will find yourself building end-to-end financial solutions using the most state of the art software platform in the construction industry. The department sits at the fast-paced intersection of Engineering, Product, and Customer Success and is committed to delivering excellent solutions for our clients. Here we grow, build, learn, and succeed together, making it the one of the most collaborative teams in the company

What does the future of this department look like? Where is this going and why do I want to come along for the ride?

The Customer Success department is going to continuously grow in numbers, knowledge, and skillset over the next year. Briqsters in this department will quickly see themselves evolving, as the role pushes us to become better builders and teammates every single day. Members of the department are destined to be future leaders and industry experts, as we work towards the goal of establishing a reputation of executing brilliant solutions

In a nutshell, what will I do every day in this role?

As a Technical Consultant at Briq, you will never have the same day twice. You can and will

  • Build integrated financial workflows, reports, and dashboards using tools in the Briq platform
  • Communicate with clients and the customer success team the status of the financial solutions we are implementing
  • Collaborate internally with Product, Engineering, and Automation teams to solve complex problems
  • Learn through experience and internal training modules
  • Celebrate success!

Why will I love this job within the context of our pillars?


Every day at Briq is a new opportunity to build for our clients, and to build better and faster than the day before. Not only will you build innovative financial solutions, but you will build deep relationships with team members and clients that are leaders and well-respected in the tight-knit construction industry


As a Technical Consultant, you will evolve regularly, immersing yourself in a perpetual cycle of improving and sharpening your technical skills. Working horizontally with other teams, you will grow and learn what it takes to build a successful SaaS company. Constant interactions with clients will give you the opportunity to grow in the construction industry, and very quickly you will see yourself as a rare expert in this space

Own with Accountability:

Being a Technical Consultant gives you extreme ownership of the financial solutions we build for our clients. We trust that every team member will own with accountability, and this trust allows you to build without being micromanaged

Go Fast and Win:

Working at a startup, you will have access to modern and new technologies, allowing you to build quickly and efficiently. Not only will you build fast, but you will build to WIN. Quick and consistent engagement with the clients we build with opens a channel of fulfillment that we are bringing peace and harmony to the construction industry

Constructive Dialogue:

Briq’s culture was designed to put an emphasis on communication and collaboration. We never suffer in silence, as we approach struggles as opportunities to learn and improve. As a Technical Consultant, the “Just Say It” pillar gives you an opportunity to not only leave an impact in the work you directly do, but an impact on the company as a whole

We are a Community:

Briq’s community centric focus allows us to build deep relationships with our internal teams. As a technical consultant, you will be working closely with other technical consultants, as well as other teams such as support, product, and engineering

We are Future Positive:

At Briq, we are constantly Future Positive, meaning we focus on doing whatever it takes to succeed in the future. As a technical consultant, you will find yourself in experiences where you are constantly challenged, and from those challenges you will be learning new technical and soft skills to stay focused on delivering value for our clients

Responsibilities for this role:

  • Champion complex and technical financial data solutions for clients - from business understanding, data understanding, data modeling, and deployment; building their end-to-end solution using the Briq Platform
  • Personalize the Briq Platform to fit clients expectations and specifications
  • Developing using best practices and write external facing documentation, allowing the client to be self-sufficient post-implementation
  • Communicating with clients and customer success team throughout implementation to obtain feedback and approval
  • Providing time estimates to clients and the customer success team where required
  • Quality check and control client data integrations using the Briq Platform
  • Providing constructive feedback to other teams

Qualifications for this role:

  • Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, data science, computer science, accounting/finance or related field
  • 4-5 years of professional experience as a Technical Consultant, Professional Consultant, or any similar role working on client-specific deliverables scoped out in projects
  • Proficiency and professional experience using SQL and Excel
  • Experience in a product-based SaaS organization in a client-facing role is a plus
  • Experience using data reporting and analytics tools such as Power BI and Tableau
  • Experience building integrated technology solutions, reports and dashboards
  • Self-motivated and able to take ownership of complex projects from start to finish
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional communication, as well as written and verbal presentation skills